MPA 'Brief Encounter' photo shoot

Stuart Wood / MPA / Brief Encounter 6

Stuart Wood / MPA / Brief Encounter 5


Stuart Wood / MPA / Brief Encounter 4Stuart Wood / MPA / Brief Encounter 1Stuart Wood / MPA / Brief Encounter 3Stuart Wood / MPA / Brief Encounter 2


Last week I was invited to run a one day photographic course for the Master Photographers Association in Somerset, around the theme of the classic 1945 David Lean film 'Brief Encounter'.

To emulate the style of the film, we actually wanted the weather to be dull and cloudy without rain. We ended up with the most beautiful early Autumnal day that you could desire and without a cloud in the sky!

The challenge for me was to take a selection of images on the private railway, without ever having seen the locations before and all within the train timetable, so that we could travel from location to location. I even had to factor in some time to let the delegates take some pictures while explaining what I was doing.

Fabulous day and great fun too.

We even managed to keep to the story and get some really nice imagery.


Thanks to Simon Burfoot from The Flash Centre. Elinchrom Ranger portable flash were used throughout the day.