Peter & Tasneem's Rainy Day!

Well unfortunately for once, the weatherman did get it right and despite planning their wedding in July in the hope of some sunshine, instead Peter and Tasneem got rain...and lots of it!


Still, we had a beautiful bride and groom to work with and great locations such as Chelsea Town Hall and their famous steps and a reception at The Belvedere in Holland Park. So despite the weather making my life so much more difficult, at least we had options of where to shoot the pictures.


Simon & Georgina


Here is a look at Simon and Georgina's beautiful wedding in Derbyshire.


A day that is full of love and laughter, is an absolute joy to work on and I feel that this shines through with the lovely images featured here.

Peter and Tasneem's Pre-Wedding Pictures

Holland Park was the setting for Peter and Tasneem's pre- wedding pictures and on a glorious summer afternoon too!

Later in the month, their wedding is due to be held at the beautiful Belvedere in Holland Park.


Making the most of the lovely sunshine around the park, it also gave me opportunity to visualise the possibilities for the forthcoming wedding day.

What we also managed to achieve was a lovely set of relaxed and beautiful images.



Georgina & Simon Pre-Wedding Shoot

We chose a lovely summer Sunday morning to meet up in a beautiful part of Derbyshire for Georgina and Simon's pre-wedding shoot.

Again, these sessions before the wedding, proved invaluable as we all relaxed and learned how to work so well together and this always pays dividends for the main pictures on the forthcoming big day.

So now we look forward to taking this further at the wedding later in the month at the New Bath Hotel, Matlock.



Raj and Katie's Pre-wedding Shoot at The Sanderson Hotel.

The beautiful West End boutique Sanderson hotel was the setting for our pre-wedding shoot with Raj and Katie. 

These photographic sessions are always invaluable in preperation for the big day, which is why they are always included in my service.  My couples get to spend some valuable time with me and understand exactly how we need to work towards getting much more than mere likenesses on the wedding day.